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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fighting is easy

Fighting with the world is easy because you either win or you lose.
But fighting with closes ones is difficult because if you lose, you lose and if you win, you still lose.
So fight with your friends, but just for fun and not to find out who wins or lose


AiZ said...

yup... you're rite.. :) i like ur thought.. :)

komen i punya entry gak ye.. klik kuat-kuat kat sini >>BLOGWALKING YANG TAK IKHLAS !!! JOMLAH BERUBAH !!! MESTI BACA !!

mcjust.lol said...

betul tu...


kena sama2 jaga hati masing2~

•✿•fitri ain•✿• said...

pgy mampos musuh & gadoh serta hasad.. nyah dr dunia neh..

thx kerana stuju..